Romanian Association for Nephrology and Vascular Access Romanian Association for the Study of Hereditary Renal Diseases "Academician Marin Voiculescu" Foundation Fundeni Center of Internal Medicine and Nephrology


The 4th National Congress on Dialysis
with international participation

Intercontinental Hotel Bucharest
Ronda Hall
April 18th – 19th, 2008, 8.30 a.m.

Congress President Prof. Dr. Mihai Voiculescu
Congress Co-President Prof. Dr. Harald Lange (Germany)
Congress Secretary Dr. Diana Zilişteanu
Dr. Raluca Bobeică
International Organizing
Dr. Uwe Kuhlmann (Germany)
Dr. Jacek Lange (Poland)
Prof. Dr. Francesco Locatelli (Italy)
Prof. Dr. Iain Macdougall (Great Britain)
Dr. Nicola Marangon (Swizerland)
Prof. Dr. Wim Van Biesen (Belgium)
National Organizing
Conf. Dr. Mircea Penescu
Conf. Dr. Costel Spânu
Dr. Cristian Serafinceanu
Prof. Dr. Dan Vlăduţiu
Local Organizing
Dr. Andreea Andronesi
Dr. Radu Dimulescu
Dr. Theodora Dimulescu
Dr. Camelia Ionescu
Dr. Gener Ismail
Dr. Eugenia Mîndruţ
Dr. Elena Rusu
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  • Anemia in patients with renal failure - were are we in 2008?
  • Dialysis complications - update in diagnosis and treatment
  • Bone disease in chronic renal failure - advances in diagnosis and therapy
  • Renal transplantation - progress in diagnosis and treatment of rejection
  • Acute renal failure - new concepts in pathogenesis and management
  • Hereditary renal diseases - early detection and monitoring strategy